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Auto Leads

[On Demand Webinar]: How to Acquire Active Car Shoppers at 4x the Conversion Rate

In this webinar, hosted by people-based audience provider V12 Data, you’ll learn how to target and acquire consumers actively shopping for cars at 4x the sales conversion rate of other automotive lead data. V12 Signals has set record highs so learn more about this revolutionary new way to sell more cars!

A Complete Solution to Target and Acquire Imminent Auto Purchase Intenders

You may already know that mobile is transforming the car buying journey, but are you ready for the next wave of mobile marketing?

With V12 Signals, you can now target and acquire in-market consumers during the period when they’re making a buying decision. V12 Signals is a proprietary solution that matches mobile devices to actual on premise shoppers.

V12 Signals for Auto uses mobile location device data to identify highly qualified prospects segmented by dealer brand visited, vehicle brand owned, distance calculations from neighbor dealerships, and more.

Automotive marketers are provided with daily consumer audiences who have visited a dealer’s lot within the previous 24 – 48 hours. Each lead includes name and address and is often enhanced with additional demographic, vehicle, and contact data. The audiences are also onboarded to our digital platforms to create a digital audience of purchase intenders.

V12 Signals

Automotive Marketing Audiences

  • Dealer Visit Signal – Conquest: A person visiting a competing dealership in your area
    Results: Over 3 million people annually tracked visiting a competitor brand dealership.
  • Dealer Visit Signal – Loyalty: A person visiting a common brand dealership in your area
    Results: Over 1 million people annually tracked visiting a common brand dealership.
  • Service Signal: A person visiting a dealership for service in your area 
    Results: Over 1.5 million people annually visiting a dealership for service. This indicates an opportunity to create service segments by dealership brand.
  • Insurance Signal: A person visiting a dealership indicates a possible auto insurance change
    Results: Over 4 million people annually visiting a dealership in search of a new car.

Marketing Followup and Performance Measurement Services

Relevate Auto delivers end-to-end marketing execution services to save you time and resources.  Our marketing experts can deploy your omnichannel campaigns which include print mail, email and digital strategies.

Marketing Insights

V12 Signals provides rich analytical and marketing insights. In addition to a daily source of imminent purchase intenders, our clients use V12 Signals for a broad range of insights including:

  • Lead enhancement
  • Marketing program performance
  • Trade area performance and insights
  • Insights into consumer brand preferences and activity
  • Identification of existing customers who may defect to another brand

V12 Signals Delivers High Sales Conversions and Precise Insights Into Timing

We partnered with industry leading organizations to track, monitor, and validate the value of V12 Signals Leads. The National Study revealed the following results:

  • Digital Leads to a VDP (Vehicle Detail Page) convert at 1.9%.
  • A market leading data source estimates purchase behavior of 4.6% over 120 days.
  • Signals shoppers show a conversion of 19% to purchase a vehicle within 120 days of their first on lot dealer visit.

We observed that the consideration and purchase phase lasts up to 120 days as displayed in our sales report analysis, allowing marketers to reach consumers at the right time with the right message.

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