Automotive Database Marketing Compliance & Security

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At Relevate Auto, legal compliance is paramount to what we do. All the data we collect is done so in full accordance with privacy law, making it a very attractive data set for acquisition and retention campaigns for automobile finance, insurance, warranty, retail, and service companies.

Automotive Database Marketing Compliance & Security Overview

Our AutoID database of automotive leads is fully compliant with the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and Shelby Amendment. Congress enacted these measures to protect each consumer’s identity and personal information by restricting the use of records collected and maintained by each state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV). Such records may not be used for marketing purposes unless a consumer agrees to “opt-in” to receive such communications and offers. This “opt-in” requirement effectively and legally prevents data compilers, resellers and end-users from sourcing, storing and/or using any DMV records for marketing purposes.

Relevate Auto actively respects and protects consumer privacy. In our 36-year history we have never been found in violation of any regulations or statutes. We are extremely proactive in our sourcing, contracts, management and ongoing monitoring of our data to insure that we are operating in compliance with data privacy and consumer protection laws.

We take data and information privacy seriously, and encourage the same level of diligence and privacy protections from our partners and clients. Simply put, we protect all data, yours and ours. We treat all data and information as confidential. We make every effort, including state of the technology- virtual and physical, regular employee training, and regular system testing to insure our data and your data is secure. Privacy is important to us, and your trust in us is paramount.

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