Cross-channel Automotive Leads & Marketing Data

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Relevate Auto provides cross-channel automotive marketing data and auto mailing lists to the top automotive dealer groups, OEMs, insurance agencies and marketing agencies around the United States.

Powered by AutoID, the largest and most accurate data set in the automotive intelligence industry, we have access to a over 190 million vehicles (down to the VIN) with full ownership information and contact information for multiple communication channels. We are the go-to for all Integrated Marketing efforts that require pristine data and maximum deliverability.

Why clients choose Relevate Auto for their Lead Generation efforts:

  • Cross-channel: Data is available on all major data platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, DirecTV, and more.
  • Targeted: We provide the EXACT owner of the EXACT make and model of a vehicle.
  • Clean: Data is scrubbed daily to ensure vehicles that have experienced a change in ownership, salvaged, or donated are updated/removed.
  • Flexible: We attach actionable information allowing you to select records that have the largest likelihood of responding to your offer.

Who is using Relevate Auto and how?

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