Fuel Your OTT Campaigns with Data-Driven Strategies

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Fuel Your OTT Campaigns with Data-Driven Strategies

The TV viewing landscape is experiencing rapid change with the rise of Over the Top (OTT) connected devices. Control has shifted into the hands of consumers who have more programming consumption choices than ever before.  This year, we will continue to see more internet-based TV platforms entering the market and more consumers cutting the cord on traditional TV viewership.

With consumers now scattered among more devices and screens, brands and advertisers must adopt highly targeted and data-driven strategies to reach their target audiences. By leveraging more sophisticated ways of blending first and third-party data, brands can hone in on audiences with targeted advertising using advanced segmentation techniques and household-based targeting.  As more marketers turn to OTT advertising, OTT and streaming subscription video on demand revenue is expected to rise from $6.4 billion in 2015 to $10.4 billion in 2020 (PWC Outlook).

As a premium data provider within Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace, V12 Data provides highly customized data to drive higher response. We map offline demographic, lifestyle and purchase data into online audience segments including 12 distinct audience categories and 1,500+ segments. Some of most popular audience categories for audience targeting include:

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Audience Data

Our CPG data identifies consumers who have a propensity to be purchasers of a given product at a rate that is 20% higher than consumers of similar products. Built from millions of consumption data records we feature buyer propensity for over 70 categories.

Consumer Packaged Goods Data

Contact us to learn more about how V12 ConsumerLink can improve your campaign performance and customer experience.

Audience Data for the Entire Move Cycle

V12 Data offers a comprehensive mover database to target consumers at all stages of the move including pre-movers, premovers with a home under contract, and new movers. Data is enhanced with demographics and property data, and goes through extensive data append and hygiene processes.

V12 Mover

Contact us to learn more about how to turn new movers into your customers.

Automotive Audience Data

V12 Data possesses the largest and most accurate data in the automotive marketing industry to help you pinpoint your ideal audience when the moment is right. With information on over 200 million consumers, 180 million VINS, demographics, and online consumer IDs, our auto data provides the insights you need for the right consumer connections.

Automotive Statistic Data

Contact us to learn more about how our automotive marketing data solutions can help your business.

OTT is the future of advertising and brands must challenge themselves now to find success within this evolving space.

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