Insights Dealer Analysis Report™ is a FREE comprehensive report that analyzes a dealership’s database for data quality/completeness, identifies sales opportunities within the dealer’s existing customer base, and identifies prospects new to the area targeted by a specific make/model of vehicle.  

Save Valuable Marketing Dollars and Increase Loyalty & Reach with Insights!

Insights: Dealer Analysis Report™ Overview

With Insights, Relevate Auto takes your customer / prospects data and runs it through our industry leading cleansing and opportunity identification process, and the best part is it's FREE!

Data Quality Analysis

Keep your customer’s information up-to-date. We will run your data through our industry-leading database to identify inaccuracies, including change in vehicle ownership.

Customer Trigger Analysis

Generate new business within your existing data. We’ll identify other vehicles/owners in the household, provide contact information for vehicles that have been sold, and flag your customers that may be in the market for a new vehicle.

Prospect Analysis

Increase your reach with prospects in your region. We’ll identify prospects by your specified make/model, new movers to the area, and prospects that may be in the need of service.

The Stats

Relevate Auto runs your data against over 190 vehicle data points, 180 million vehicle records, and over 200 million consumer records.

On average, we have found the following:

Customers have moved and have new address information
Landline and cell phones that need to be corrected
Emails that can be added to existing contacts
Vehicles sold where the new owner can be provided

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